Tyvek Play Time

tyvek play

Tyvek Play Day


After some dutiful sewing on a landscape quilt I needed to play so tried some ideas with Tyvek. In my mind the butterfly was going to be         beautifully iridescent with the outline left after pressing/melting away the stitched on Tyvek applique. However, not to my liking but wondering if it would work the reverse way. Melt the painted Tyvek and then cut shapes and applique, hmmm. Also in the photo is the product used in house construction to see how it might differ from the product envelopes which are much lighter in weight. At this point I don’t see a significant difference in how it melts or how much heat it took to bubble the envelope and the house wrap. Note: not all housewrap is Tyvek and some only hardens into an ugly impenetrable blob when heat is applied. More experimentation needed!

Patriot’s Star BOM

patriot's star       patriot's star detail

July Block of the Month

Patriot’s Star


The July block is my design and could easily be repeated for a four block quilt for the Honor Flight quilts. With multiple   repeats of this 16” block a patriotic throw for 4th of July picnics would be possible. The block goes together quickly with the table mat being made in about four hours, quilting included.

What are your memories of the July holiday celebrating our nation’s birth? Living on a farm I remember that our celebration often included handcranked ice cream made with the cream from our cows. There were sometimes fireworks like sparklers and some kind of black snake thing that curled on the sidewalk. I love to watch fireworks and as an adult I was most awed by the fireworks at the Amelia Earhart celebration in Atchison, Kansas a few years ago. They were computer timed to a wide variety of patriotic music and were spectacular along with the rest of the air show held each year.


Patriot’s Star

Blue (1/3 yd)- cut two 3 ½” x 18 ½” and two 3 ½” x 24 ½” strips for border; cut twelve 2 ½” squares;

Red (1/8 yd)- cut two 1 ½” x 16 ½” and two 1 ½” x 18 ½” strips for inner border;

Asst’d red, white and blue prints (use your scraps)- cut 24 2 ½” squares

Light blue-cut eight 3” x 7” rectangles;

Gold- cut a 4 ½” square and four 5” x 7” rectangles.


Make 4 nine patch blocks with the blue and asst’d rwb squares. Make your own paper foundation pattern by drawing a 4” x 6” rectangle and add ¼” seam allowance on all sides. From the center point at the top of rectangle draw a line to either corner at the bottom of the rectangle. Make 4 copies of this pattern and use foundation piecing techniques to make the star points. Assemble the block in horizontal rows as shown in the photo. Add red inner border strips to sides and then top and bottom. Do the same with the blue outer border strips. Layer backing batting and top and quilt. I quilted fireworks in the star using metallic thread for a fun finish.

Artistic Exploration-July

leaf collection two   Everyone is creative but sometimes we need an igniting of the spirit.

Join us July 9 from 6-8 pm at the Inspirations Building in Hannibal, Missouri to explore artistic techniques for quilting.
I will share an artistic technique that can be used in our quilting. For July we will be painting on Tyvek and then sewing to a quilt        sandwich.  Once again the subject matter will be leaves to add to our “collection”. In October we will put the small projects into a final arrangement to become an art quilt of your creation.
There will be a $10 total charge–five for materials and five for use of building.
A thank you to Cindy Hannold, new owner of the Inspirations building, for use of the facility before they start remodeling in August as well as to Pat Waelder who has supported the pursuit of quilting by groups in the past.
Contact me at sharonwasteney@gmail.com so I can let you know what to bring to this session and make sure I have supplies for everyone.

June BOM-Farmer’s Daughter

farmers daughter  My apologies for being so late with the June BOM.  Just as we need to clean our sewing machines we need to also “clean” our computers and mine was apparently overdue.

The block this month is called the Farmer’s Daughter. Depending on how the colors are arranged it may take on different looks. I really wanted to use the fruit and vegetable fabric I have collected and used in other quilts and wall hangings. I can remember when I didn’t like strawberries, I think it was the seeds that I didn’t like and now I wish I had my own bed to pick from. This tablemat can be a reminder of healthy choices but also a reminder of the work it takes to raise the food we eat. The block was probably first published in the early 1900’s in a magazine called Ladies Art Company but is referred to even earlier in other documentation.

The block is extremely fast and simple to make. The striped border took the longest as I wanted to miter so needed to cut the stripes on the same lines on each of the four pieces.


Small table mat measures 24” square:


Cut four 3 ½” squares of green, red, yellow and black/white print fabrics

Cut four 4” squares of red and black/white print fabrics

 Inner border: Cut two 1 ½” x 15 ½” strips of black and two 1 ½” x 17 ½” strips of black

 Outer border: Cut four 6 ½” x 24 ½” vertical striped fabric

 Use 4” squares to make half square triangle blocks, sewing ¼” on either side of diagonal center, trim to 3 ½” square.

Sew blocks in rows to form design as shown in photo.

Add inner border strips to sides and then top and bottom.

Sew outer striped border mitering corners.


My favorite way to miter borders is to center strip on a side stopping ¼” from each end of the block, leaving a “tail”. Match “tails” of adjoining corners, mark a 45 degree line from last stitch to the outside corner of the border strip, sew on the marked line and press seam open.

Enjoy this summertime project.



A modern improvisational almost

playmat detail    I am working on an entry for the Rieman Gardens Quilt Show in Ames, Iowa in September.  Actually, I am working on several entries for that show.  Gardens is the key but this year is their 20th anniversary so the overall theme is Celebration. The pic is one of the 10 inch blocks with applied “flower petals” (abstracted) that were paper pieced to meet my need for sharp points. Not all flower petals have sharp points so I have an idea for yet another version that is even more improvisational.playmat modern

Machine Needle Felting

felted leaves

Today was a play day with the needle felting machine. I used wool felt, cotton velveteen, silk and wool roving. The first try—top- was too much as I was trying to pull the orange color to the front. The middle one was too little as I felted the velveteen to two layers of wool felt though it might be salvaged with some stitching with embroidery thread and maybe some beads. The third—bottom—was to my liking using felt, silk and then the roving so I went to the regular machine and did some free motion veining and think it will be useable in some project yet to be created.

I really need to think more seriously about a project specific for the end use of the leaves, perhaps a collage of leaves using different techniques. The wheels are turning BUT I really need to finish some other projects while the idea simmers