Programs and Workshops

Three years have passed since retirement. I have been enjoying doing what I want pretty much when I want but I am missing one aspect of my professional career. Having been an educator for over 35 years I am itching to get back into the teaching mode.  I am available to plan and create the program or workshop that a guild or group desires in an evening, for a day, or at a retreat.  I am especially interested in the creative quilting aspects and the intergenerational sharing of our quilting heritage. Below are a few of the programs/workshops that I have prepared and would welcome your invitation to share.


Inspirations, Reflections, and Creations, 1 hour

A trunk show of traditional and non-traditional quilts that will inspire and motivate quilters as they reflect on their personal stories and quilts.

A short make and take can be included to make a quick folded flower as shown in several of the quilts, add 20 minutes.


“Intuition and Improvisation Before Patterns and Precision”, 3 or 6 hour class

In this class you will learn techniques to put together an improvisational quilt project unique to you. Trust yourself to take beloved fabrics and combine with “wonder why on earth I bought that!” fabrics in ways you never dreamed would result in a fabulous piece. Share and swap fabrics with other class members (convince your classmates that your “ugly” is their “beautiful”).

3 hour—demonstration and individual practice to make some blocks.

6 hour—demonstration and individual practice to make blocks and determine some potential arrangements for a finished product.


“Floral Fabric Bouquets Featuring Vintage Linens”, 3 hour workshop

Using vintage linens as the background for framed fabric floral bouquets. Bring your family linens whether handkerchief or pillowcase, dish towel or table linen to repurpose and preserve family memories. If you don’t have any or choose to let them languish in their drawer feel free to take advantage of my Posie Lane hand dyed linens available at Hickory Stick Quilt Shop in Hannibal, Missouri or from me. I will bring others for your selection to class but you may want to have your selection made ahead of time so you can concentrate on the design.



“A Leaf Collection”

Five 2 hour workshops that will result in five small finished projects or designs ready to combine into one.


This is a series of artistic workshops that will focus on creative techniques that can be applied to future creative quilting projects. The subject matter for class will be leaves but the techniques can be applied to any creative project you might choose for the future.


arrival tent first tent two tent three tent four support    Saturday I had the pleasure of taking daughter and friend to the starting point of RAGBRAI 2015, Sioux City, Iowa. The Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa draws thousands of bike riders from across the nation.  I saw license plates from California to Florida and states between.  Once their support truck was located, tent unpacked and set up we visited a quilt shop, Heart and Hand Dry Goods before I left them and headed back to Des Moines with their car.   I had no agenda for the quilt shop–no need for fabric or patterns but, of course, found fabric not to be lived without.  Some batik fat quarters that will be part of a pattern in the development stages, a pattern that would be a great one for showcasing a complete fabric line and a book that looked intriguing with it’s star making technique were put in my bag before heading home.  Though I was tired when getting from Des Moines to Hannibal on Sunday I put one fat quarter batik on the design board for mulling a potential project while I continued work on the “Anatomy of a Leaf” project!

Anatomy of a Leaf

Anatomy of a Leaf

Anatomy of a Leaf

A group of quilters in the Hannibal, Missouri area are exploring artistic techniques using the leaf as subject matter for learning to create different textures in their creative quilting. The first session was thread painting. The second session was using Tyvek and paint to create texture. The third will be using cyano-type processes as well as other painting and dyeing techniques on small pieces. The fourth session will be testing some improvisational techniques so I am working hard to finish an idea that was inspired by quilting designs and zentangle doodles as seen on the internet. Right now it’s title is “Anatomy of a Leaf”. One large pieced leaf will be the focal point with other leaves done in the techniques from the sessions I have been teaching. Photos below are a preview of the progressbeing made—I still have eight more sections to complete and my deadline is August 21. A contest seems to be my best motivation for completing ideas and inspirations and Reiman Gardens/Iowa Quilt Guild Show provides my deadline this time. If you are close to Ames, Iowa on the 18-20 of September it is a show filled with garden themed quilts. You will find art quilts, modern quilts and traditional quilts as well as the gardens themselves to provide even more inspiration.

anatomy part one               anatomy part twoanatomy part three

Denali Dreamin’

Denali Dreamin’

Denali Dreamin’ was made from a photo to keep us focused on our upcoming trip to Alaska.  Next year at about this time we will be crossing over into Canada on our way to Dawson Creek, the starting point for the Airstream caravan through Alaska.  Two full months of sightseeing will, I’m sure, only whet our appetite to return on our own in another time.

The quilted project was made by printing the photo on four sheets of prepared fabric.  Because I don’t like the seams of piecing together photos I decided to try the technique of framing.  I made a grid on the background batik fabric and then cut the photos to fit the grid after having fused a backing on the photo fabric.  It was a little scary to begin the quilting through the beauty of the scene but am pleased with the result.denali dreamin'