Pearl Buttons

pearl-buttonsI acquired a vest and purse totally covered with pearl buttons more than twenty years ago.  They have graced my sewing room as a testament to the buttons used on blouses, baby clothes and more.  The vest was in a bad state of repair when I acquired it and finally I decided that the buttons were more useful to be incorporated into artful quilts while the purse remains in a frame hanging on the wall.  I did not expect it to take so long to remove the buttons but the “string” used to sew them on was still quite strong.  At the end of the task I had a pint jar full of mother of pearl buttons of various sizes and shapes. Now to dream up a new project that highlights their beauty.

Ode to Quilter’s of ’57


Ode to Quilters of ‘57

Before leaving for our extended summer vacation throughout northwest USA and Canada and Alaska I had cut pieces for a quilt that I might work on while traveling. I did take my Featherweight Singer machine thinking there would surely be rainy days when we wouldn’t be touring or sight seeing. I got all the block pieces done and the individual rows sewn and then we were into Alaska and all sewing ended. I have a commitment to finish the 2018 raffle quilt for the Texas quilt guild but for breaks I pulled out the blocks and have begun to work on them. It is just not me to work on only one project at a time and a diversion is needed sometimes when working on a large project to change my tension (not the machine but the human). So one of the thirteen blocks has been completed. Three blocks will make up the quilt: Farmer’s Daughter, Sister’s Choice and Grandmother’s Choice. The working title of this project is “Ode to the Quilters of ‘57” in remembrance of my grandmother’s quilting group.

The same blocks are being used in the raffle quilt along with a couple of others so perhaps a pattern for others to use will emerge from the two projects.