Rusted Relics


Yesterday I tried rust dyeing for the first time. It’s not a new process but I had never actually done it for myself. This morning I rinsed and pressed the small pieces of fabric. I learned several things. Results are less definite if too many layers are used. Weighting the layers contributes greatly to the clarity of the design. And I also learned that I like whatever comes out because it makes me have to think more creatively than if it had come out exactly as I had planned. Bottom line, it was creative fun and more fun is in store as I explore how to use the vintage buttons I grabbed for creative projects just before we left for the winter home. Some will notice the backside of the poster holding the buttons is an old election poster from my home county. The buttons were picked up at an auction but were carefully arranged on cardboard of all kinds. The buttons, the rusted fabric and an old Felco feed sack will find their way into a collage celebrating the life of my father’s parents.