Rusted and Felted

Today I will be joining a group of fiber arts enthusiasts at the Rockport Center for the Arts to share the rust dyeing technique. Coming from a farm background I am familiar with how equipment rusts if not taken care of. I remember greasing plow blades and cultivator shovels to prevent rust. Now I am looking for all kinds of bolts and washers and nails and chains and anything else that is or can be rusted to create an interesting pattern on fabric. The sample shown combines a Tyvek leaf ( my favorite technique) on a rust dyed background with felted leaves on the side. I painted the background fabric using Setacolor paints with commercial batiks that combine so well with hand dyes. Made on a rainy day, it reflects the mood of the day with the sun trying to shine but the rain prevailed. Looking forward to the exciting but unknown results that take place when a group with artistic bent comes together.

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