Wooden Spool Toys

Recently a brief conversation at sew day about a use for empty spools led to those who collect wooden spools with or without thread and what , if anything , is done with them. I have a few but would not say they are something I collect nor do I save the plastic spools in case some future generation finds a creative purpose for them or even finds them “collectible”. I do remember, however, using the wooden spools to make toys, spool toys. My memory was jogged to remember those toys last night when I was perusing an old magazine from 1915. The ad is pictured below. I wasn’t born yet in 1915 so this toy idea must have been renewed some 40 years later. I don’t recall if we made them in “art class” at school or if they were made around the dining room table as a rainy day activity. I do remember having a lion and an elephant and I am sure there were others. I don’t remember them coming from the thread company as promoted in this ad. For only a nickel and the coupon included in the ad you could get a complete set of six spool pets. You could also collect them as you purchased bias trim because one came in each package for free—for a limited time. The ad further promotes that over “300,000 boys and girls have had great fun making and playing with these clever toys”. What do you suppose was the favorite: Puppy Dog, Kitty Cat, Bob Bunny, Hal Horse, Clara Cow or Pete Pig? Love those old ads!

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