This winter I experimented with marbling small pieces of fabric. I loved the varied colors and designs that appeared without manipulating the surface or by manipulating it only slightly in a non-traditional way. I used 100% white PFD cotton. My next experiments are going to be with some blends and different solid colors. Before that happens, however, I have to finish the demolition of the kitchen and bathroom countertops in preparation for a new surface. Once that is done I will be open to others joining me as I continue the experiment. The viscose concoction holds up for about three days so there will be ample opportunity to fit it into your schedule if you’re close to Hannibal and choose to try it. If you have an interest in trying a marbling technique drop me an email and I will let you know when I next mix up a batch. (I picked up more supplies while in Paducah at the quilt show.) To my winter Texas friends I will be doing a demo/workshop this winter.

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