It Moost Be A Moosetake

A year ago we were in the thick of preparing for a four-month camping trip through the northwest including two months in Alaska. Commemorating the trip through fabric was on my mind. Collecting fabrics or designing quilts that reminded me of the trip or collecting row by row quilt kits from shops on the route was the question. Of course, I did all three! I took the collected patterns and kits and fabrics to our winter home but did little work on them as Texas projects emerged to take priority. Back home this spring and reflecting on the trip I have started pulling them out, one by one. First on the list was the moose pattern purchased in Juneau. A number of quotes came to mind as I planned the project: “It moost be a moosetake”(what I told my husband when I had the proposed fabrics spread out); “Time out for a brief moosage from our sponsors”; “Charmoose” (the fabric connection); and, of course, “Chocolate moose”. It couldn’t be traditional as nothing about the trip was traditional so it had to be done in funky, fun fabrics but all I had collected from the trip were Alaskan-themed batiks and lots of them. They could be the backing. What’s brighter and less moose-like than Kaffe Fasset, of course!! So the blocks are ready for decorative outline stitching which must be done in the most brilliant thread colors I have. Oh , this is going to be so much fun and therefore provides the incentive for getting busy to finish soon!

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  • May 9, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    And it’s Artsie Tuesday! Perfect post.


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