Nearly every morning I walk along a road that leads to the Mississippi River at Hannibal Missouri. I love the quiet (it’s a dead end road) and the calm I always feel even though trying to burn a few calories. As I pass one of the homes along the way I can see a barn set back in the woods. While it is on private property there is a public maintained pathway that takes one back into a clearing that branches off into another path eventually leading back to town. I think the only time the quiet of this area is disturbed is when spring mushroom hunters comb the woods looking for their delicacy and in the summer when the mosquitoes claim the area as their home.






I tried to capture the essence of this quiet space with painted fabric, photos manipulated and printed on fabric, embellished with painted Tyvek and painted fusible in the shape of leaves from the cottonwood and maple that abound in the woods.