Another finish before the end of the year!!  My mantra for this year was to finish WIP’s. Hopefully, I can get one more done before the year officially ends. I would like to have said my mantra was to finish more than I started but I had to be realistic and know that I would always take as much or more pleasure in starting than I would in finishing. Heaven knows I have enough fabric stash to start many more projects than will ever be finished. Thus was this square in a square quilt. It is made from leftovers (I don’t use the word “scraps” because I don’t save scraps, I give them away). When I say leftovers it relates to the way I buy fabric. I buy what I like and, of course, that means that many times I have leftovers when I finally get to a project. Sometimes as much as a quarter yard or more! This quilt is exactly what was needed to use those leftovers.

The next post will define how I differentiate between leftovers and scraps.

four square      four square quilt