Programs and Workshops

Programs available:


Inspirations, Reflections, and Creations, 1 hour

A trunk show of traditional and non-traditional quilts that will inspire and motivate quilters as they reflect on their personal stories and quilts. Participants will follow the process of this art quilter to reflect on experiences, to be inspired to interpret those experiences in to artful quilts and ways to create them.

A short make and take can be included to make a quick folded flower as shown in several of the quilts, add 20 minutes.


“It’s Elemental”

30-45 min interactive program

Peggy Brown, quilt artist, stated, “The recipe for creating good art is part excellent technique and part good design mixed with a whole lot of spirited individuality.”  This program focuses on the design aspect of making “good art quilts”.  Knowing and understanding how to use the elements and principles of design is key to the development of a quality product and part of the process of making art quilts as well as traditional quilts.  Some people have an inherent understanding of good design  and some need to study and make a conscious effort to understand.  Participants will work through the elements and principles by evaluating examples of artful quilts presented for their review. This program can be lengthened to give more depth to the understanding of elements and principles of design but not shortened.




Workshops available:

“Every Leaf Speaks Bliss”

4-6 hour class

When Emily Bronte proclaimed that “every leaf speaks bliss to me” she was speaking of autumn but spring also brings a delightful array of colors as new leaves emerge. Participants in this class will create a collage sampler of leaves on hand dyed vintage linens using at least three different techniques including felting with wool, silk and cotton; embroidered leaves with decorative threads and beads; and metallic painting on synthetic fiber. Art quilter Sharon Wasteney will inspire and instruct as students get in touch with the “artist within” while creating their personal design. A kit to be purchased as part of the class will provide most of the supplies needed for completion.


“Intuition and Improvisation Before Patterns and Precision”:

3 or 6 hour class


In this class you will learn techniques to put together an improvisational quilt project unique to you. Trust yourself to take beloved fabrics and combine with “wonder why on earth I bought that!” fabrics in ways you never dreamed would result in a fabulous piece. Share and swap fabrics with other class members (convince your classmates that your “ugly” is their “beautiful”).


3 hour—demonstration and individual practice to make some blocks.

6 hour—demonstration and individual practice to make blocks and determine some potential arrangements for a finished product.



“Floral Fabric Bouquets Featuring Vintage Linens”

3 hour workshop


Using vintage linens as the background for framed fabric floral bouquets. Bring your family linens whether handkerchief or pillowcase, dish towel or table linen to repurpose and preserve family memories. If you don’t have any or choose to let them languish in their drawer feel free to take advantage of my Posie Lane hand dyed linens available at Hickory Stick Quilt Shop in Hannibal, Missouri or from me. I will bring others for your selection to class but you may want to have your selection made ahead of time so you can concentrate on the design.



“A Leaf Collection”

Five 2 hour workshops focused on artful techniques that will result in five small finished projects or designs ready to combine into one.


This is a series of artistic workshops that will focus on creative techniques that can be applied to future creative quilting projects. The subject matter for class will be leaves but the techniques can be applied to any creative project you might choose for the future.  This can be separated into stand alone demos or workshops.



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